Tuesday, 30 October 2012

David Morley, Twice Martyred Gay Barman?

Saint Sebastian is unique among the recognized saints of the church for having been martyred not once, but twice. In the modern context, perhaps we can say the same of David "Sinders" Morley. Working and well-known as a gay barman, there is no doubt at all that Morley was openly gay. Living openly, he was bearing witness to the possibility of living honestly and openly as a gay man in London. In 1999, it almost cost him his life - and may have done five years later, in 2004.

On 30th April, 1999, Morley was on duty at the Admiral Duncan pub in London's Old Compton Street when it was hit by a nail bomb attack, which killed three people and wounded about 70 others. Morley was injured, not killed, and ignoring his own burns, he set about helping others who were more seriously wounded as best he could.

Five years later, he was killed in a late night assault, which may have been prompted by homophobia, by a group of teenagers outside Waterloo station.

Religious leaders who rant about the supposed "evils" of same-sex love need to know that this is irresponsible. Such talk promotes hatred, hatred breeds violence.

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  1. First of all his name was and is (its important to remember that)Sinders.

    He was the most loving, compassionate, gentle, funny, caring, beautiful person Ive ever had the privilege to meet, let alone call him not just my friend - but to me my family.

    And I can tell you he would be the first to pour such great scorn and derision on being called 'Martyred'.

    And he tackled all prejudice and hate, both in the gay community and in the straight community - by being his loving self and bringing together the disparate facets of different groups of people, under one roof which was the Admiral Duncan.

    It may have been a pub on the surface - but he ran it like a cross between a sanctuary and an unofficial community centre.

    Love you still Sin, NEVER forget you.

    Ania xxx