Wednesday, 21 April 2010

On Top of the World: Marry on Mt Everest, Honeymoon With Elephants.

While the necessary legislation continues its slow progress through Nepal's parliament, the country's tourism minister is wasting no time using it to promote Nepal as a prime destination for gay and lesbian tourism. Marry on Everest, he says, and take a honeymoon safari through the Himalayas on elephant back.

From the Daily Mail:

Nepal to celebrate becoming first Asian nation to recognise gay marriages with same-sex unions on Mount Everest

Nepal is set to become the first Asian nation to allow same-sex marriages.
The country, which as recently as 2007 classified homosexuality as a crime, is even promoting gay weddings on Mount Everest in a bid to become the continent's premier gay tourism destination.
The government hopes its plans will help attract one million tourists next year, more than double the number that travelled to Nepal in 2009.

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